The tower stands at a height of 90 meters. It has a central core with stairs and a lift. Three slanted supports, ladder like, give the tower its poetic upward movement. At the top is a circular enclosed platform. Submerged arc welding (SAW) has been used on this tower to give high quality welding. A decent park surrounds the tower. This park is a gift of industrialist O.P.Jindal to the people of Haryana.

A community hall to facilitate the locals has been planned within the parks which will cover an area of 7200 sq. ft to organize social activities, functions, events, marriages, parties and other religious gatherings.

There is a museum where I learn a lot about O.P. Jindal. Hailing from a small village near Hissar, he has contributed tremendously to the development and industrialization of Haryana. Today Jindal industries is world renowned. A USD 4 billion company, it is the world largest mint and does minting of European coins. Jindal Stainless Steel caters to 40% of India’s demand. Though he made many innovations in product and process, he never patented any of them. He said, ‘By getting patents I will only curb the country’s production and employment avenues.

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